The Aqua-Chi device is a revolutionary Hydro-Therapy unit with many benefits including detoxification and pain management . The therapy takes 25-40 minutes, and is done with water in an ordinary bathtub or footbath.

The unit produces a complex electromagnetic waveform that interacts with an individuals unique bio-energy field.. The advantage of creating a field that is synergistic with the bio-electric state of the body with some of the properties compatible with life is that it can be used on a living organism with minimal disruption and completely negate the side effects that are all to common with things artificial. The system utilizes the unique properties of water because it contains the necessary electrical patterns to convert a conventional charge to a bio-charge. This is then easily transferred to the body, which is composed of up to 80% water. Absorption of this bio-charge has been shown to increase the potential voltage in the body's cell membranes, thus helping to maintain cellular function.

The Aqua-Chi helps to re-balance the body's energy meridians by permeating and realigning
an individuals energy field. Therefore many benefits of the device can be attributed to the re-balancing of these energy meridians allowing the body to heal itself. The interrelationship between acupuncture point meridians and individual organs and tissue have long been known. This is based on the Chinese medical theory that improper energy flowing through the acupuncture meridians will create an imbalance in the body. Chi energy,(or Life Force), circulates freely through a healthy body, but can become low or "blocked" in an unhealthy body causing illness and toxin build-up. Thus, the Aqua-Chi re-balances and amplifies the ability of the body to heal itself. The complex magnetic energy fields permeate and realign your own energy field allowing your body to function at a higher level. The device's most observed effects are the ability to stimulate the release of toxins, and foreign material from the dermal layer of the skin.

Benefits from use of the unit are numerous and include increased vitality and energy, faster recovery time, improved concentration and sleeping patterns.
Other benefits include:
* Pain Relief * Detoxification * Reduced Inflammation * Balanced Meridians * Reduced Fluid Retention * Improved Endocrinal Function * Alleviated Arthritic Symptoms * Dermal Rejuvenation * Improved Liver Function * Improved Kidney Function * Blood Pressure Improvement

The Aqua-Chi unit is not a medical device. If you have a health related condition that requires medical attention you should always consult first with a licensed health care professional.



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